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For the Unique

Have you been dreaming of your wedding day – forever? Are your Pinterest collections, Instagram folders and virtual mood boards brimming with ideas?

Are you a little time poor, wondering how to align all the moving pieces or just not quite sure how to bring the vision together?

Introducing: For the Unique – our premium, all-inclusive styling package. This is a suite of services that designs every detail of your day, based on a collaborative process. After an initial consult with one of our talented and tremendously clever Designers, they’ll create a complete design brief. From there, we’ll take the reins of designing your ceremony and reception spaces, create custom graphics for all your signage, plan out the perfectly ambient atmosphere, give you access to our premium hire range and manage your entire setup and pack down.

* Add Little Wren Flowers florals and your day is almost done!

Lucky Dip

Have you seen The Wedding Designer’s work at weddings and loved the vibe? Do you have some points of inspiration, but are happy for us to take the lead and do what we do best?

Let’s make things super easy! Meet with us and tell us a little about the day you’ve been dreaming of. An overall vibe guide, a general idea. And, just like your very own genie in a bottle, we’ll give you three wishes. That means three non-negotiables – three elements that must be included in the style and design of the day! We’ll even take notes on three things you want us to stay right away from.

Then, based on our communication with you, our years of experience and our ability to create unique and amazing spaces, we’ll make the magic happen. A stylist will design your ceremony and reception space, our graphic designers will create custom signage, you’ll have access to our entire treasure trove of hire inventory, and we’ll take care of setup and pack down. You don’t have to do a thing!

* Add Little Wren Flowers florals and your day is almost done!

Micro Weddings

Saying your vows with less than 40 spectators? Have a few ideas in mind but thinking you’d like someone else to bring them together? Want
to spend the lead up to your wedding preparing instead of planning?

We’ve got big news for you – it’s our Micro styling package!

It’s as simple as this – give our stylists an idea of how you’d like your day to look, with a visual brief and a few non-negotiables. Then, would you believe, we’ll literally do the rest!

Ceremony? We’ve got it. Reception? Taken care of! Set up and pack down? Don’t even give it a second thought!

You’ll have access to our Stylist and Graphic Designer. We’ll take care of lighting, and you can make your hire selections from anything from our inventory list.

All you need to do is supply a guest list, work out your seating plan and crack open the bubbles.

Wedding/Event Planning

Do you know exactly how you want your wedding day to feel but don’t have a clue when to start planning or where to find your dream line-up of vendors?

Great news! Our experienced and intuitive team have the knowledge and network to bring your dream day together. The best part? You barely have to lift a finger! After a detailed design brief with you, we’ll take care of the rest.

That’s right – we do all the tasks, big and small. Schedule structuring, bump in and bump out organising, floor planning, contract negotiating and budget tracking. We’ll invest our time and energy into all things organisation, acting as your central hub of information and limiting your correspondence to one vendor, rather than 10-15 at a time.

Working closely with various vendors every weekend means we have an intimate understanding of how each creative operates and what they do best! Rather than getting swept up in the social media scene, trying to find your perfect fit, we can give you tailored recommendations from our exclusive network and co-ordinate your meetings with them too. Once you’ve decided who you love, we can take care of all on-going correspondence, ensuring you have all the information you need – as you need it.

*Book this service alone or add it to one of our styling packages

One the Day Co-ordination

Want your wedding day to be relaxed, easy and entertaining?

Invite us into the action with On the Day Co-ordination. We’ll ensure that all the moving pieces fit into place!

You see, there’s a lot going on during a wedding day – that’s no surprise. There’s vendors arriving and departing, multiple set ups, schedules to follow and whilst timing and organisation is crucial, sometimes, for reasons out of everyone’s control, some things don’t go to plan. (Shock!)

That’s where our On the Day Co-ordination is most valuable. If it rains, we orchestrate the back-up plan, while you relax. If something or someone is delayed, we’ll find a way to entertain your guests and keep the vibe alive. 

If one of your vendors needs immediate advice on an impromptu change, we take care of the decision making so that you can avoid unnecessary stress. We’ll run around in the background, detail focused and hyper aware, putting out fires that we’re proud to say – you’ll never know about.

If you want to stay present and enjoy your experience without a worry in the world, you can trust us to make the best judgement calls on your behalf.

* Book this service alone or add it to one of our styling packages

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