The Corner Chop is more than just a premium laser cutting service and supremely convenient stop on the way to your wedding.

We’re a trusted, friendly face, who considers and perfects the small, yet most significant details of your designs.

Our background in event styling means we know what works, our industrial know-how means we know why it works and all the technical tricks up our sleeves guarantees that our products not only look good, but do their job, too.


We pride ourselves on cohesive design suites, high quality control and thoughtful consideration of end-use implications (like hanging holes for signage, proper stands for table signage and MDF backing for rigidity when required). We can imagine that you might not think of those things. But you don’t need to – because we do.

Let us cut straight to it: if your dream day is filled to the brim with unique attributes and stand out features, we’re going to be great friends. Get in touch with us directly for custom orders, including matching existing stationary or carving your own path with something completely unique.

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