Meet our team!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by For the Unique.

We’re a collection of creatives who believe the vibe of an event is shaped through planning, elevated with styling and peaks on the scene. Filling a space with feeling is the result of every detail that goes into it, which is why our approach is considered, thoughtful and unique to each host. Working collaboratively, we infuse events with character, charm and amazing aesthetics!

Our brand is built on people. The service we provide them, the ways we interact with them and how we make them feel. Together, we pride ourselves on offering a premium service, complimented by genuine connection. This means your event means just as much to us, as it means to you. (Yes, we’ll also lose sleep with excitement.)

The people on our team are friendly, passionate, easy-going legends. Without them, we would be nothing! Some of us you’ll meet face to face, others will work their magic behind the scenes and screens. Regardless of their role, each one of these people will contribute to your event. Every person and every stage are equally important, so we figure it’s best you know everyone!

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you too…

Martina Long

Jessica Coleman

Hi, I'm Jess.

Martina Long

Martina Long

Hi, I'm Martina.

As one of the Owners and Creative Director of For the Unique, my job is to go above and beyond to bring our couple’s dreams to life.

I love that I’m constantly juggling the left and right sides of my brain. One minute, I’m in business mode, designing stunning weddings for our lovely couples. Floor plans, schedules, run sheets, you name it! The next minute, all logic goes out the window and I’m creating. Playing with linens, getting lost in a field of florals and vase matching! Between you and me, I’ve even been known to shovel cow poop off a field being used as a ceremony spot, just to keep my couple’s from stepping in it. Not all heroes wear capes, HA!

I feel lucky to work with beautiful couples and to share so many special moments with them. Whether it’s seeing them see each other for the first time, watching them become icky and sticky thanks to a rogue donut wall, helping to style cute caravan bars or spending three days at a local pub to set up the most epic wedstival of all time! Every wedding, like every couple, is so unique.

My favourite venue of all time is the Apple Truck Cider Orchard at Moonan Flat, out in the middle of no-where. So peaceful! So serene! So much room for activities!

Martina Long


Hi, I'm Margharita.

Cheryl Johnson

Hey, I’m Cheryl.

Technically, my job title is ‘Florist’, but I much prefer Mess Maker.

I spend my workdays dreaming up designs. Well, between all the other usual stuff like: making orders to flower up weddings, sorting rubbish, filling buckets, allocating flowers and foliage to designs and, of course, convincing absolutely everyone that walks through the door they need a flowercrown, flowertie or flowerdress. It’s what I do, I can’t be stopped!

I’m all about organic, textural designs over bleached or preserved flowers. I love learning new techniques and ways to make our designs eco-friendly, like hand dying ribbons for bouquets or table settings and I’m always looking for ways to prolong the life of flowers, like pressing them for framing or artworks.

My thumbs aren’t particularly green, but I do try! Both at home - with a wide range of flowering fruit trees, berries, foliages, blooms (between you and me, I’m peculiarly successful with hellebores and cosmos) that can be readily used for emergency flower crowns - and at work, where we all do our bit to grow our own food and flowers.

I love the random and absurd things that happen when I’m setting up weddings. I remember once, on a property, I spent a while freeing green tree frogs who had jumped into my vases and candles. Cute, cheeky little things! But - that’s my job, I do whatever it takes. I once wove a flower girl basket out of vine from a tree on a couple’s property. The impromptu magic, I live for it!

Every one of my wedding set ups has been memorable, each one as unique as the couple getting married. I can’t pick a favourite, but I will admit that I thrive with the challenge and reward of taking the space of an empty barn, marquee or newly built shed on a family’s property and transforming it into an entirely different scene with our styling, furniture, graphics and florals.

Most of all I enjoy building relationships with my couples. It’s awesome to be trusted with making their flora dreams a reality. 

Lucy Shepherd

Hey, I’m Lucy, a Floral Designer.

I love my job because of all the ways it allows me to create. There’s never a dull moment and no two days are ever the same! I zig zag between big admin days, trips to local and Sydney Flower Markets, floral consultations, planning with couples, sorting and caring for flowers before creating and delivering bouquets, then building statement pieces for weddings on site!

I love my couples too, especially the ones who aren’t afraid to buck the trend! I really appreciate people who are unapologetically themselves and unashamed of their taste, whether it’s trendy or not. For instance – couples who like to mix up textures within their colour palette – it gives me the freedom to weave something unique and interesting into their design!

Investing in my couples wedding day means I go above and beyond for them. Once, I moved mountains to get panda anemones for a bride, but when I received them, they were tightly shut. Uh-oh! I took two buckets over to my dad’s place, (much warmer than the warehouse) to speed up their opening time. Luckily, when wedding day rolled around, they were in perfect condition! It feels good using little tricks like that to make magic on the spot!

It’s so rewarding to see all the floral ingredients come together in the creation process and hold the finished masterpiece, something truly unique to the couple.

Isobel Thomas

Hi, I’m Isobel.

I’m a Graphic Designer and completely wedding obsessed.

I like getting to know my couples, finding out what they love and ensuring my designs nail their vibe. Even if that means getting sucked into a Star Wars Internet Vortex. I’m here for it!

My usual day is also a bit of a juggling act. I create designs in Adobe, prep files for laser cutting, test printing samples and colour options, mock-up place settings, send couples their artwork for proofing, laser cut and etch signage. Right now, I’m loving curves, odd shapes, and big statement signage. There’s also something so inviting about beautiful warm terracotta and nude palettes!

The best wedding I’ve EVER attended was in Ireland. It was my best friend's dream day. They hosted us at an amazing historic manor – some of the guests were resident peacocks! My favourite thing about weddings, in general, is seeing my designs come to life and knowing how happy they make my couples. Nothing beats that! 

Tracy Brownette

Hi, I’m Tracy – your wedding co-ordinator!

My job is all about creative collaboration. I thrive working with our passionate and talented team to blow our couple’s expectations out of the water.

Sometimes that means working with our designers to ensure all your favourite pieces are available and locked in for your wedding. Other times, I’ll be combining our detailed design brief with your (gorgeous) Pinterest board to make sure every detail of your day looks and feels perfect – from stunning tableware to the furniture that fills your wedding with character. I like to celebrate every detail.

Right now, my favourite wedding trend is Hamptons Style. The opportunities with this style are endless and there’s so many ways to make it your own! Plus, we’ve just updated our range to include plenty of sophisticated yet effortless pieces to compliment any Hamptons inspired wedding, big or small.

I love that all the venues we work with are so friendly and helpful! Every time I visit the Hunter Valley is a dream come true - beautiful rolling hills, grape vines for miles and exquisite gardens. You can’t beat it!

Craig Harper

Hi, I’m Craig – the bloke behind all things warehouse and wedding hires. 

I’m the guy who keeps the warehouse organised, assigns deliveries, unloads and reloads trucks, takes care of repairs and makes sure your hires get where they need to be, when they need to be there.

It’s all second nature to me now and usually things are pretty straight forward. Although, every now and then, during peak wedding season, I arrive to work and find all our trucks full from packing up multiple weddings the night before, with the warehouse a total mess. Meanwhile the time’s ticking until we need to be in the Hunter Valley to set up new weddings! At that point, the place is a madhouse. But it’s fun and I enjoy it.

I’m a problem solver by default, so when something unexpected happens pre-wedding, I’m usually the first on the scene. I’ll never forget one of our vans getting bogged at a wedding venue and the poor bloke who tried to tow it out of the mud. He also got bogged in the process! I showed up with the truck, tied both vehicles together with ropes and slings and pulled them out like a Congo line. It wasn’t as hilarious at the time, but I laugh now.

My favourite wedding trend to date is Rustic, but I’m a fan of most things people experiment with. It’s great to see couples being unique. I love going out to Stonehurst and Redhead Surf Club, they’ve got great space and set ups. And my favourite thing about my job is being completely independent. I enjoy the responsibility of getting our couple’s hires to their venue on time and it’s rewarding to see how happy they are with our company and our work. 

Dylan Herrick

Hey, I’m Dylan – your Dedicated Delivery Driver and Tetris Master! 

In other news, I’m also an Apprentice Stylist and Drapey Technician. (Is there anything I don’t do?) 

The thing I love most about my job is that it’s always changing. No two days (or weddings) are ever the same. One day I’m packing the truck, Tetris style, and setting scenes by setting up furniture. The next, I’m on lighting installations, table styling or maybe folding 100 napkins.

Usually, I return the next day to pack everything back up, but on occasion - it’s a midnight job. This is when the last stragglers are making their way out of the wedding and conversations with them are always entertaining! I once had to tell a guy to “drop the beanbag” as he wandered down the street clutching onto it. He’d had a few too many and was looking for somewhere to sleep. He thought he was so clever! Unfortunately, I couldn’t let him stay the night on our beanbag, ha! 

The vibe on wedding days is pretty special. I love being a part of them, especially when I get to work with such a legendary team. I’ve got to say Micro Wedding are my favourite. I really enjoy setting up intimate spaces. Venues like Redleaf in Wollombi and Adam’s Peak in Broke are amazing and I’m always blown away by how great they look set up, even on a smaller scale. 

Beth Forbes

Hey, I’m Beth.

As a Warehouse Assistant I’m super hands on! I’m always jumping in and out of trucks, helping to load and unload wedding hires, packing and unpacking, cleaning returned items and making sure our space stays calm and clean.

My favourite part of this job is knowing I get to be a teeny tiny part of making a couple’s day special. There’s a lot of moving pieces in a wedding and lucky for me, I’m one of them!

My favourite venue (so far) is Ben Ean, I love everything about it. Especially since it was the first place I learned a use for bum bags that I’d never thought of. Filling them with rose petals! Flower boys are in!